Associates At Biglaw Firm Now Really Bringing In The Dough

Poppin' fresh salary news.

Happy businesswoman flying on rocket and holding dollar money bagsHe-hee.

Nothing says lovin’ like salary increases in the oven. It is this tortured series of references that bring us to the news that Pillsbury has matched the prevailing salary scale.

After flirting with a merger earlier this year, Pillsbury is closing out the year with some good news for its attorneys.

The firm follows a slightly different classification system than most:

Class Bonus
First-years $225K
Second-years $235K
Third-years $260K
Fourth-years $310K
Fifth-years $365K
Senior Associate 1 $390K
Senior Associate 2 $420K
Counsel $435K

As for bonuses, the firm commits to maintaining its established market bonus and super bonus formula. So that’s a match based on the corresponding class year and, if the past remains the guide, an additional $50,000 on top of these numbers for top performers.

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