After you have been arrested, there are certain timeframes and procedures that the prosecution and the court must follow. Usually, the police will advise you of your Miranda rights (the right to remain silent, to have an attorney present during questioning, etc.) at the time of the arrest. Once you are taken into custody, no statements can be used against you unless the police have read you your Miranda rights.

If you are arrested for breaking a law, the case is may entail a bond which you will have to post and the amount can vary based on the offense for an appearance in court. If the defendant cannot post the bond he may be incarcerated pending an appearance in court. If bond is posted, he will remain free pending appearance at the arraignment.

An arraignment usually occurs within 24 hours of the arrest or the first date available if on a weekend or holiday. The arraignment is held before a judge. During the arraignment the defendant is formally told what offense he is charged with, advised of their constitutional rights, and of the possible penalties. The defendant will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty and the bond may be reviewed and a date for the next hearing will be scheduled.

It is critical you have the right representation when appearing in court or many times if you are arrested. Larry Honeycutt can help guide you and discuss any options you may have. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have or to schedule a one on one appointment.

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