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Don’t Get Scammed This Holiday! — See Also
See Also

Don't Get Scammed This Holiday! -- See Also

Back In My Day, Gift Cards Were Simple: I recommend giving out cash this year.

Looking For A Non Gift Card Gift?: Check out our gift guide!

Does Your Bonus Look Like A Salary?: Check out the firms paying out to the tune of $435k.

ASS Law Soon To Be Assed Out: Goodbye accreditation?

Giuliani Gives Live Evidence At His Defamation Trial: This guy can't keep out of trouble!

More Bonuses!: Congrats to Hueston Hennigan, Selendy, and Ross Aronstam & Moritz.


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Fruit Street Health Sues Sharecare For $25M
Health Care / Medicine

Fruit Street Health Sues Sharecare For $25M

Fruit Street Health's complaint alleged that Sharecare violated the terms of their shared business agreement by rolling out its own version of Fruit Street’s diabetes prevention program, which had been previously offered to Sharecare members. Sharecare said that the lawsuit is baseless.
Morning Docket: 12.12.23
Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 12.12.23

* Copyright office declines to register AI art for lack of creativity. I guess they haven't seen Dan Epps create Muppet originalists. [Law360]

* Now that she announced that she would leave the state to get the abortion to save her life, the Texas Supreme Court felt comfortable ruling that she wasn't entitled to an abortion in Texas. But make no mistake, these cowards were trying to delay this so they didn't have to put life and death stakes on their own misogyny. [Bloomberg Law News]

* "Kirkland & Ellis: is it party over for the world’s most profitable law firm?" Fascinating deep dive. [Financial Times]

* Some Shearman partners slashed their own pensions up to 50 percent to make the merger happen in case you were wondering how thirsty they were for a merger. [American Lawyer]

* Judge bans family separation policies for 8 years. That should hold until roughly January 2025. [ABA Journal]

* Epic beats Google. [Reuters]

* Big 4 firm getting out of law in Hong Kong. [ International]

I Can Excuse Racism, But I Draw The Line At Free Speech — See Also
See Also

I Can Excuse Racism, But I Draw The Line At Free Speech -- See Also

The Donors Have Spoken On Penn's Former President: Mum's the word on Amy Wax.

Oh Steptoe, What Are You Doing?: Odd first name firm is losing its odd second name.

Cheating Won't Stop The Money Train: Lewis Brisbois employee skirts accountability in three states!

Simpson Thatcher Moves To 4-Day In-Person Work Week: Better get familiar with each other.

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!: Susman Godfrey, Pillsbury.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Vote for the best holiday card!